Woodhaven Blvd Station, Queens.  March 28, 2019.



Before performance class, Parkslope, Brooklyn.


Books from Japan.

Great gift books by my old friend, Keiko, just arrived after one month, how come taking so long?, from Japan. I’ve known the dancers, editors, photographer, author, related people from both books in some ways in different degree, and seem familiar places, Tama in Tokyo where I am originally from.  I happened to be cooking kabocha pumpkin when the sipping arrived, and the smell reminded me my life there over 30 years ago. Love them a lot.  Thank you, Keiko-Nee-San.


Black book: Kubikukuri Takuzo by Ryuji Miyamoro. White book: Danser Disappears by Muronoi Yoko.  

Find GumHearts Greeting Cards at JFK and LGA Airport! NYの2飛行場でガムハートカード購入できます!

GumHearts Greeting Cards are now available at gift shops at two New York City Airports! “New York Originals” in Convourse B, John F. Kennedy Air Port and “District Market Store” terminal B in LaGuardia Air Port!   Both stores are located post-security, so you will have to have an air ticket to fly.  8 kinds are available and each will come with actual date, time and location that I have documented them on the NYC streets.  Could be great NYC souvenir? ガムハートグリーティングカードが、NYの2飛行場のギフトショップで販売されています。ジョンFケネディ空港ターミナルBの”New York Originsls”,  ラガーディア空港ターミナルBの”District Market Store”で、どちらもセキュリティ後のチケット所持の方だけが入れるエリアです。NY土産に使えるユニークなアート、どうかな? 8種類、それぞれのガムハートを私がNYの路上で撮影した日時、場所が記録されています。


Holiday Market at Bulova, Dec. 17, 18, 19.

Come over to Queens, Come to see me at Bulova.

Best way to commute here is taking M60 bus ( from Upper West/East) or Q19 bus (between Astoria and Flushing), and get off 77th St stop right in front of Bulova, if not driving.

Cannelle, the best sweets shop in Queens, is 2 blocks away.

A complimentary GumHearts Greeting Cards set will be yours with each tote/crossbody bag purchase during Bulova Holiday Market. If you would like to pick up at the Bulova the one you like from kiosk page, contact me, I will reserve it for you and you will save shipping fee.

This is my last holiday market this year. Happy Holidays!

今年最後のホリデーマーケットです. クィーンズ探検にきませんか?

12月17、18、19日の3日間、1バッグ購入毎にガムハートグリーティングカードセットをプレゼントします。 kioskで購入希望の物があってBulovaでピックアップされたい方、ご連絡ください。送料差引いた金額で購入できます。


Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 2.30.45 PM.png





Air is too dry in NYC

I have not feeling well for a month and noticed that this dry air is the problem.  Having hot OJ and apple cider seems helping . Hand-washed and hung the day’s cloth was not helping enough lately. I’d rather find alternative solutions than purchasing another machine, which requires later maintenance.  I love the idea my friend gave me, “Fill bathtub with hot water”  in social media.  Since my place is so long, the railroad style, and the bathroom is on one end, placed water on a can on the radiator for each room. Also cooking soup. Guess my favorite Hoshi-Imo, making process helps to give some humidity. Steam Asian sweet potato, peel, slice, then dry for days, this is where I am with patience. When seeing white dust around, natural sugar or starch?, ready to eat. 

Please keep warm, eat well, and wet enough to keep yourself healthy.  


LaGuardia Airport

Now, my GumHearts Greeting Cards are available at the gift shops in LaGuardia Airport, NY.  Could be a great souvenirs from NYC ?  NY市に有るラガーディア空港(主に国内線)のギフトショップで、私のガムハートグリーティングカード売ってま〜す。各ガムハートの撮影日時、場所がカード裏に書いてあります。ある日、ある場所のニューヨーク市を切り取った使えるアート。NY土産に最高じゃね? あなたの好きな人に、大嫌いな人に:D  

Comes with actual date, time and location that I have documented on the street in NYC.

Comes with actual date, time and location that I have documented on the street in NYC.