"If you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? ”

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んとよ、こごさ ポケットあっと思ってけろな。 んでそっからなんでもすぎななででくっとすっと何いいべな。書いでみねがい。絵さしてもいいなだ。 ほしたらそいず ポケットんながさいっちょくべ。ほがの人書いだなも見でみ。"If you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? Write it. Draw it. Leave it in a pocket. Read what others said.”

A lot has happened to me this summer.

So long since I have lost music in my system.  Seemed like External CD player was solution. Finally got it and loaded a piece of CD, 『幻滅した』”Genmetsushita” by  #MidukiMisumi ’s poem reading.   Love it。beautiful. 

seems like it belonging ROCK.

seems like it belonging ROCK.

This past summer, I met poet Miduki and percussionist Takashi at Japan Society, very first time, when they performed right before International Premiere viewing of “Mother, I’ve Pretty Much Forgotten Your Face” directed by Endo Michiro.  We also met in Tokyo after, then her performance through CD inspires me in New York.  Thanks, Miduki.

Back from Japan.

Experienced one medium earthquake in Fukushima and some typhoon during visit. High humid dose not allow laundry dry. Saw a lot more foreigners ever in Tokyo, traveling and working. People there follow traffic lights and that irritated me. Young people who works at stores talk like robot, so do not have to think?  Found people seek lower priced food, drink probably needed for economical situation there, that I have always done anyway. I enjoyed a cup of freshly brewed coffee with 100yen, about $1, at  Seven Eleven instead of at a cafe for $300-500 yen. Here are some snapshots.