Selfie against to my lung cancer stage4.

I’ve taken selfies in restroom for a while. Naming it as “selfie against to my lung cancer stage 4”.  トイレセルフィー気に入って暫く撮って来てますが、最近診断された私自身の肺癌に因んで、「セルフィー:肺癌ステージ4に逆らう」(日本語タイトルイマイチかな。。。)と命名。


liked this with facial expression and hair, long bathroom tissue hanging down from dispenser and leak stain on the ceiling.

at the fried chicken place in Flatbush, brooklyn. June 20, 2019. Right before the last class teaching this year. Happy summer.



Treatment started

Over a month and 2 weeks, since unexpected hospitalization from ER, finally medical treatment has started today. June 20th, 2019. It was my last day of teaching this year and first day of my medical treatment. 緊急入院から1月半。やっと、治療開始。6月20日、2019年。くしくも、今年の教える仕事最終日が、治療初日になった。


Meeting nutritionist

Very first time experience in my 56 years of life. The nutritionist who works oncology department said that not to lose more weight. She said that add 1or 2 nutritious snacks addition to three meals a day. Use whole milk, add silken tohu, peanut butter or avocado into smoothie since each of my meal is getting smaller and as a result I have lost several pounds last one month. My sense of taste seems like changed since taking tagrisso. I feel too sweet of what I used to enjoy such as bottle of kombucha or ice cream. Rather enjoying blended frozen mango and home made unsweetened yogurt and milk :)

With Susan Gonzalez at Columbia Uni. Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

With Susan Gonzalez at Columbia Uni. Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.