Thank you, Siobhan.

The school year ended. I had nearly $2000 of receipts to be reimbursed by the organization I work for.  I was hoping to save time and energy to go to the post office and stand a long line addition to the postage fee.  

I e-mailed Siobhan who works at the office of the organization and resides my neighborhood. Will you be able to bring my envelope of receipts to the office if I drop it off to your place?  She responded immediately as “I always go for a morning run on Saturdays so I could swing by.”  Thanks a lot, Siobhan!


 今年の3学期がは大波乱だった。5月の急な1週間の入院中は、蓄積してた疲労回復には役に立ったけど、退院後3週間経つ迄、癌である事は否定されてた訳で。「畜生ヤブ肺専門医!お前なんか医者じゃねー 」 3学期の仕事をどうにか完了し、立て替えた材料費のレシートは$2000近く。やっと腰上げまとめて請求書をe-mail. 後は大きな封筒一杯の現物レシートをブルックリンのオフィス迄どう送るか。暑い中、郵便局まで歩いて、長いラインに並ばされて、郵送料金払うのも避けたく。