Back from Japan.

Experienced one medium earthquake in Fukushima and some typhoon during visit. High humid dose not allow laundry dry. Saw a lot more foreigners ever in Tokyo, traveling and working. People there follow traffic lights and that irritated me. Young people who works at stores talk like robot, so do not have to think?  Found people seek lower priced food, drink probably needed for economical situation there, that I have always done anyway. I enjoyed a cup of freshly brewed coffee with 100yen, about $1, at  Seven Eleven instead of at a cafe for $300-500 yen. Here are some snapshots.


Artist talk at Yokohama Downtown Paradise Festival/ Yokohama Wakaba-cho Multicultural Movie Festival.

I will be doing Artist Talk tomorrow , Sat, 27th, 6-7pm at Yokohama Paradise Kaikan.   Will talk about my recent 28 years life in New York as the first generation of immigrant in USA, artist, mother, teaching artist.



I will be participating “The Yokohama Down Town Paradise Festival/ Wakaba-cho Multicultural Film Festival”.

GumHearts Street Store, Aug.25-28, 1-5pm.

Artist Talk on 27th 6-7pm.

If you and/or anyone you know are around Tokyo or Yokohama, please share info of this super cool festival. 

8/25-28, 1-5pm ガムハート露店営業@横浜パラダイス会館前路上。シネマ・ジャック&ベティ隣。ガムハートタトゥシール、グリーティングカード、一枚500円。冬のホリデーシーズンに先駆けて作家本人から買って下さい:D  雨天営業。

8/27 6-7pm  アーティストトークします。28年ニューヨークに住んで、移民、Artist、Teaching Artist、母親等の立場として生活経験話します。質問も、がっつり受けます。


9月のNYクィーンズ・アート・インターベンション2016(社会実践アートイベント)の参加アーティストに選ばれました。材料として、不要Tシャツを集めています! 綺麗に洗ってあれば、色、サイズ、長袖・半袖・袖無し, プリント有無、新・古、可。当日お持ちくださるとミニプレゼント有ります。