Chiharu is blooming.

I usually grow edible plants. Named this miniature rose, in apricot pink, as Chiharu. Chiharu/智陽 is name of my old friend who studied at the same art school in Tokyo and a great base player at the band, KureKure that we are in. We have not seen after art school time, reunited in FB long after, and I learned he was fighting over cancer. He passed away recently. I have learned that he was enjoying taking care of roses, in variety of colors of many kinds in his yard. I loved photos of Chiharu that he was wearing pink pajama, shirts or pants. I wanted to grow rose in my out of window farm and to name it Chiharu.  

Who knows me long and well surprised as I grow inedible plant. I wanted to spend good amount of time to find a nice pink color I like and remind of him from it. It is so wired and funny but  I did not know I would be diagnosed as cancer then.  


智陽/ちはるが咲いた。窓際有機農業始めて20年以上、食用ばかり育てて来た。私を良く知る友人は、花、それも薔薇?って、私らしくない植物に驚いた。私だってそう思うからね。東京の美大時代、一緒のバンド「クレクレ」で4年間ベースを弾いてた智陽。最近fbで再会した時は、もう体調悪そうで、ピンクのパジャマで病室でギター弾いてた。ピンクのシャツ着て、ピンクのパンツでライブ出たり。ピンクの智陽似合ってて良いなと思った。こないだ癌で死んでしまったけど。その後智陽が庭で色んな種類の薔薇を大切に育ててた事が分かり、私も薔薇を育ててみようかなと思ったんだ。智陽って名前をつけてね。あ、直ぐ枯らしちゃうかも。。。とは思ったけど、ま、それはそれで良い。と、お気楽に。仕事でNYC中出掛ける中、花屋見かける度にミニチュアローズ探して、でもまだシーズン早過ぎで。なかなか気に入る私の智陽色が見つからず。ハーレム125街で店頭横で発見。$15。悪くない! この時、私は自分が肺癌と診断されるとは思っていなかった。あはは。 リスが敵だけど、取り敢えず再開花。嬉しい。気張らず、お気楽に智陽を育てていくよ。

Books from Japan.

Great gift books by my old friend, Keiko, just arrived after one month, how come taking so long?, from Japan. I’ve known the dancers, editors, photographer, author, related people from both books in some ways in different degree, and seem familiar places, Tama in Tokyo where I am originally from.  I happened to be cooking kabocha pumpkin when the sipping arrived, and the smell reminded me my life there over 30 years ago. Love them a lot.  Thank you, Keiko-Nee-San.


Black book: Kubikukuri Takuzo by Ryuji Miyamoro. White book: Danser Disappears by Muronoi Yoko.  

A lot has happened to me this summer.

So long since I have lost music in my system.  Seemed like External CD player was solution. Finally got it and loaded a piece of CD, 『幻滅した』”Genmetsushita” by  #MidukiMisumi ’s poem reading.   Love it。beautiful. 

seems like it belonging ROCK.

seems like it belonging ROCK.

This past summer, I met poet Miduki and percussionist Takashi at Japan Society, very first time, when they performed right before International Premiere viewing of “Mother, I’ve Pretty Much Forgotten Your Face” directed by Endo Michiro.  We also met in Tokyo after, then her performance through CD inspires me in New York.  Thanks, Miduki.

Back from Japan.

Experienced one medium earthquake in Fukushima and some typhoon during visit. High humid dose not allow laundry dry. Saw a lot more foreigners ever in Tokyo, traveling and working. People there follow traffic lights and that irritated me. Young people who works at stores talk like robot, so do not have to think?  Found people seek lower priced food, drink probably needed for economical situation there, that I have always done anyway. I enjoyed a cup of freshly brewed coffee with 100yen, about $1, at  Seven Eleven instead of at a cafe for $300-500 yen. Here are some snapshots.


Last few things in Japan

昨晩、無事アーティストトーク終わりました. よこはまパラダイス会館に入り切らないほど、20人位集まりました。来てくれた方、来れなかった方、この機会を与えてくれた、会館ディレクターのヅルさん、鈴木さんに感謝。 この場に繋げてくれた塩出に感謝。多くの人に支えられ、今回の日本滞在継続中。あと、4数日です。:D。

今日28日、横浜黄金町、シネマJack and Betty 一階で、ガムハート露天、最終日、雨でもやってます。

明日29日は、渋谷神宮前Kensscratch最終日、6時位迄います。GumHearts 写真(美術館仕様)、タトゥーシール、カード、有ります。

*GumHearts 写真展



Come to see me, and purchase your favorite GumHearts Tattoo Stickers, Greeting cards+.


August 20, Sat: Art Market at Nezu Shrine 1-28-9 Nezu Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.  10am-4pm. Canceled for rain. 5 minutes walk from Subway Chiyoda Line Nezu Station or Sendagi Station. 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Todaimae Station.

August 21, Sun: Art Market at Shimo-Kitazwa Square,  2-24-3 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. 1 minute walk from North Exit, Shimo-Kitazawa Station at Odakyu or Keio Line.  noon-5pm  Canceled for rain.


9月のNYクィーンズ・アート・インターベンション2016(社会実践アートイベント)の参加アーティストに選ばれました。材料として、不要Tシャツを集めています! 綺麗に洗ってあれば、色、サイズ、長袖・半袖・袖無し, プリント有無、新・古、可。ガムハート露店にお持ちくださるとミニプレゼント有ります。

Greeting Cards with Multiple GumHearts.   Available at MIQ in Long Island City.

Greeting Cards with Multiple GumHearts.   Available at MIQ in Long Island City.