Find GumHearts Greeting Cards at JFK and LGA Airport! NYの2飛行場でガムハートカード購入できます!

GumHearts Greeting Cards are now available at gift shops at two New York City Airports! “New York Originals” in Convourse B, John F. Kennedy Air Port and “District Market Store” terminal B in LaGuardia Air Port!   Both stores are located post-security, so you will have to have an air ticket to fly.  8 kinds are available and each will come with actual date, time and location that I have documented them on the NYC streets.  Could be great NYC souvenir? ガムハートグリーティングカードが、NYの2飛行場のギフトショップで販売されています。ジョンFケネディ空港ターミナルBの”New York Originsls”,  ラガーディア空港ターミナルBの”District Market Store”で、どちらもセキュリティ後のチケット所持の方だけが入れるエリアです。NY土産に使えるユニークなアート、どうかな? 8種類、それぞれのガムハートを私がNYの路上で撮影した日時、場所が記録されています。


"If you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? ”

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んとよ、こごさ ポケットあっと思ってけろな。 んでそっからなんでもすぎななででくっとすっと何いいべな。書いでみねがい。絵さしてもいいなだ。 ほしたらそいず ポケットんながさいっちょくべ。ほがの人書いだなも見でみ。"If you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? Write it. Draw it. Leave it in a pocket. Read what others said.”


I have decided this Gumtote would be mine since I really like it.  Thanks:D

On G train back from Redhook, Brooklyn.  

On G train back from Redhook, Brooklyn.  

Exhibiting at ART ON PAPER, MARCH 2-5 at Pier 36, New York City.

Come to experience installation MokoMoko Windows,  at ART ON PAPER Art Fair, Pier 36, Lower Manhattan. It will be on the second floor, next to Cafe.  I will be present on Friday and Sunday, come to see me.       


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Niizeki Hiromi    2003  MokoMoko with camouflage  no Windows.   Internationally collected Used envelopes, Glue, Myler.   MokoMoko means, Cutie Chubby in Japanese.  Used specifically purposefully mass produced camouflage printed envelopes were hand cut with scissors by myself, and recreated into a non purposeful & functional large scale fine art installation.