Some of members who played together in the band, KureKure, at the art school in Tokyo sent me cool Japanese foods, I meant lots of different and new kinds for me who resides in NY for decades, some are very locals, love them all super thanks! This is the one I was attracted honestly in a second, Amanatto, dried sweet bean that is also from very local from Yamagata prefecture, where all my families are originally from. The drummer at the band, aka Darle, Who is now the president of the local construction company, Yoshida Kensetsu, in Yonezawa area, must be the one who picked this for me. Love you!

Lightly sweetened, cooked and dried red soy beans, Beni Daizu.

Lightly sweetened, cooked and dried red soy beans, Beni Daizu.


東京の美大時代4年間一緒にバンド「クレクレ」でプレイしたメンバー数人が、マジ良い感じの食料送ってくれたぁ。サンキュ! 勿体無いからケッチって食します:) 中でも、開封と同時に私の肺癌の胸にぎゅっと刺さったのが、山形の赤大豆甘納豆! 甘さ控え目で病気の私でもがんがんいける! ああ、嬉しい!私甘納豆大好き:) 今米沢で吉田建設社長やってる、ドラマーのダールのチョイスかと。サンキュ〜! ラブ ユー!

Books from Japan.

Great gift books by my old friend, Keiko, just arrived after one month, how come taking so long?, from Japan. I’ve known the dancers, editors, photographer, author, related people from both books in some ways in different degree, and seem familiar places, Tama in Tokyo where I am originally from.  I happened to be cooking kabocha pumpkin when the sipping arrived, and the smell reminded me my life there over 30 years ago. Love them a lot.  Thank you, Keiko-Nee-San.


Black book: Kubikukuri Takuzo by Ryuji Miyamoro. White book: Danser Disappears by Muronoi Yoko.  

"If you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? ”

Watch “Poketto” on #Vimeo

んとよ、こごさ ポケットあっと思ってけろな。 んでそっからなんでもすぎななででくっとすっと何いいべな。書いでみねがい。絵さしてもいいなだ。 ほしたらそいず ポケットんながさいっちょくべ。ほがの人書いだなも見でみ。"If you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? Write it. Draw it. Leave it in a pocket. Read what others said.”

Back from Japan.

Experienced one medium earthquake in Fukushima and some typhoon during visit. High humid dose not allow laundry dry. Saw a lot more foreigners ever in Tokyo, traveling and working. People there follow traffic lights and that irritated me. Young people who works at stores talk like robot, so do not have to think?  Found people seek lower priced food, drink probably needed for economical situation there, that I have always done anyway. I enjoyed a cup of freshly brewed coffee with 100yen, about $1, at  Seven Eleven instead of at a cafe for $300-500 yen. Here are some snapshots.


Last few things in Japan

昨晩、無事アーティストトーク終わりました. よこはまパラダイス会館に入り切らないほど、20人位集まりました。来てくれた方、来れなかった方、この機会を与えてくれた、会館ディレクターのヅルさん、鈴木さんに感謝。 この場に繋げてくれた塩出に感謝。多くの人に支えられ、今回の日本滞在継続中。あと、4数日です。:D。

今日28日、横浜黄金町、シネマJack and Betty 一階で、ガムハート露天、最終日、雨でもやってます。

明日29日は、渋谷神宮前Kensscratch最終日、6時位迄います。GumHearts 写真(美術館仕様)、タトゥーシール、カード、有ります。

*GumHearts 写真展


Artist talk at Yokohama Downtown Paradise Festival/ Yokohama Wakaba-cho Multicultural Movie Festival.

I will be doing Artist Talk tomorrow , Sat, 27th, 6-7pm at Yokohama Paradise Kaikan.   Will talk about my recent 28 years life in New York as the first generation of immigrant in USA, artist, mother, teaching artist.



Come to see me, and purchase your favorite GumHearts Tattoo Stickers, Greeting cards+.


August 20, Sat: Art Market at Nezu Shrine 1-28-9 Nezu Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.  10am-4pm. Canceled for rain. 5 minutes walk from Subway Chiyoda Line Nezu Station or Sendagi Station. 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Todaimae Station.

August 21, Sun: Art Market at Shimo-Kitazwa Square,  2-24-3 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. 1 minute walk from North Exit, Shimo-Kitazawa Station at Odakyu or Keio Line.  noon-5pm  Canceled for rain.


9月のNYクィーンズ・アート・インターベンション2016(社会実践アートイベント)の参加アーティストに選ばれました。材料として、不要Tシャツを集めています! 綺麗に洗ってあれば、色、サイズ、長袖・半袖・袖無し, プリント有無、新・古、可。ガムハート露店にお持ちくださるとミニプレゼント有ります。

Greeting Cards with Multiple GumHearts.   Available at MIQ in Long Island City.

Greeting Cards with Multiple GumHearts.   Available at MIQ in Long Island City.