Where did my hair go?

Not sure if this is side effect of 4 months of Tagrisso, anyway loosing hair. Comparing selfies of nowadays and a year ago, definitely it’s volume is different. I started to take biotin that my oncologist suggested me to take. Hope it works.


Installation ”Dwelling - EGFR Mutation”

I will be at site, Sat, Nov 9th, 12-2:30ish. Come to see me & enter and feel my installation, ”Dwelling - EGFR Mutation” WAH Center , 135 Broadway, Brooklyn NY. opens Fri-Sun, 12-5.

EGFR Mutation positive is diagnosis of Lung Cancer that I have. I repurpose found objects such as used clothes, junk mail, discarded gum on the street as art supplies. Most recently, I have started to use the tools and processes that I have developed to consciously work with tumors since my diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. The tumors have become another art material in my life. I'm not fighting against the tumors; I am relating to them as a radical act in life of acceptance and creativity.

日本語で「腫瘍の有る棲家−EFGR 突然変異」egfr突然変異と言うのが、私の肺癌の状態。今までずっとして来たように、日常生活から眼を離さず製作を続けていきます。


Work on progress. 製作中。

I proposed my installation in advance and planned for it. However, I was required to change it completely at the installation day. I have never experienced such. I decided to do my best on the situation after the consideration. I am not sure if it was right decision. I could be wrong. It had not completed yet though the opening reception starts within 14 hours from now. I was given only 2 hours before the reception to complete. Thank you for your help, Miho, Kotatsu, Kana. 事前に設置プランを提出、許可を取っていたにも関わらず、設置当日になり事前プランはない事になった。こんな経験は今まで一度も無い。結局、考え得る唯一の設置場所にプランとは全然違う形で設置をした。正しい方法だったのか、正直分からない。『やらないよりやって後悔する』方を選んだ。間違いだったんじゃ無いだろうか。今から14時間後にオープニングレセプションだが, まだ設置完了していない。レセプション前2時間だけ作業の時間を与えられた。ミホさん、古龍さん、カナさん、手伝ってくれて有難う。

New Japanese Horizon show at WAH Center, 135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

10/26 - 12/29, open on Thursday – Sunday, 12 - 5pm
Opening reception: Saturday, 10/26, 4-6pm.

Windows from donated used window envelopes were connected together after tore.

Windows from donated used window envelopes were connected together after tore.