Find GumHearts Greeting Cards at JFK and LGA Airport! NYの2飛行場でガムハートカード購入できます!

GumHearts Greeting Cards are now available at gift shops at two New York City Airports! “New York Originals” in Convourse B, John F. Kennedy Air Port and “District Market Store” terminal B in LaGuardia Air Port!   Both stores are located post-security, so you will have to have an air ticket to fly.  8 kinds are available and each will come with actual date, time and location that I have documented them on the NYC streets.  Could be great NYC souvenir? ガムハートグリーティングカードが、NYの2飛行場のギフトショップで販売されています。ジョンFケネディ空港ターミナルBの”New York Originsls”,  ラガーディア空港ターミナルBの”District Market Store”で、どちらもセキュリティ後のチケット所持の方だけが入れるエリアです。NY土産に使えるユニークなアート、どうかな? 8種類、それぞれのガムハートを私がNYの路上で撮影した日時、場所が記録されています。


Etsy store has opened.

GumHeaets Etsy Store has opened. Please stop by  for boxed Greeting cards.

Currently working to open  web store on this site, niizeki,  by the end of October with originally designed usable art such as organic cotton bags, tattoo stickers.

Please revisit for unique holiday gift. If you have any questions, please contact me from "contact"page. Thanks:D

Each greeting card comes with a white envelope. Blank inside.

Each greeting card comes with a white envelope. Blank inside.

Greeting cards with multiple GumHearts. 

Greeting cards with multiple GumHearts. 

GumHearts Project and 5 Free Workshops for Valentine’s day Market.

GumHearts Project, Tattoo Stickers, Greeting Cards, Tote bags, note books, for 5 days Valentine’s day Market at Made In Queens,.  I will also run five Pop-Up card inserts workshops, FREE for whom purchased GumHears Greeting Cards,  $5 material/tools for whom with own cards. Fun and open ended workshops for 10 and up. Pre-register now and come to work wth me. 

GumHearts Greeting Project + lots of local mades will be available at Made In Queens Feb 10-14.

GumHearts Greeting Project + lots of local mades will be available at Made In Queens Feb 10-14.

Business hours and workshop hours:

Friday, February 10th - 4pm to 8pm   ---   Pop-Up card insert work shop 4:15-6, 6:15-8

Saturday, February 11th - 11am to 3pm ---   Pop-Up card insert work shop 11:15-1, 1:15-3

Sunday, February 12th - 11am to 3pm 

Monday, February 13th - 4pm to 8pm   ---   Pop-Up card insert work shop  6:15-8

Tuesday, February 14th - 11am to 3pm

This Thursday, 29th! Come to join for a creative & fun art activity for families.

School is off this week. Seeking something creative and fun activity for you and your children in Queens?  学校が休みの今週、家族で出来る楽しいアートワークショップです。あ、大人一人でも、十分楽しめると思います。期間限定でクィーンズ生産品を紹介してきたMIQ, Made In Queens, も、この12月末で一区切り閉店します。その最後のワークショップ。使えるアート作りにきませんか? 

I will run this hands on creative workshop. You will create your own unique, fun 3d pop up inserts using colorful card stock and tools. Open for all ages, child and adult! 既成の二つ折りのカードの中に挟む飛び出る仕掛けを作ります。 やってみると楽しいし、普通のカードが、特別になって人に送るのがもったいなくなるかも。色々な道具も試せますよ。小さなクラスなので、予約してくださいね。

Designs can be adapted for any Holidays and occasions. This is a small groups session.  RSVP HERE

No fee for those who purchase GumHearts Greeting card, $6/each,  at MiQ. All materials and tools will be provided.  (If you bring your own card, please contribute $5 for materials and tool usage). MIA でガムハートカード($6)を購入された方は参加無料。ご自分のカード持参の方は材料・道具費$5です。


  • Thursday, December 29, 2016
  • 2:30pm - 4:00pm
  • At Made In Queens : 27-24 Queens Plaza SouthLong Island City, NY, 11101
  • Made In Queens will be closed from January.  This is the last workshop we will have at MIQ.


This Weekend, GumHearts Project Store will be up at Bronx Museum.

Come to enjoy curated 2nd Annual Holiday Market at the Bronx Museum, with more than 50 local artists, artisans, farmers, bakers, brewers, activities and more not to be missed. Great for all ages, families!  Hope to see you there!

Bronx Museum : 1040 Grand Concourse Bronx, New York 10456  T: 718-681-6000   

December 10th and 11th from 11:00am to 6:00pm.  

Directions to Bronx Museum 


Artist talk at Yokohama Downtown Paradise Festival/ Yokohama Wakaba-cho Multicultural Movie Festival.

I will be doing Artist Talk tomorrow , Sat, 27th, 6-7pm at Yokohama Paradise Kaikan.   Will talk about my recent 28 years life in New York as the first generation of immigrant in USA, artist, mother, teaching artist.



I will be participating “The Yokohama Down Town Paradise Festival/ Wakaba-cho Multicultural Film Festival”.

GumHearts Street Store, Aug.25-28, 1-5pm.

Artist Talk on 27th 6-7pm.

If you and/or anyone you know are around Tokyo or Yokohama, please share info of this super cool festival. 

8/25-28, 1-5pm ガムハート露店営業@横浜パラダイス会館前路上。シネマ・ジャック&ベティ隣。ガムハートタトゥシール、グリーティングカード、一枚500円。冬のホリデーシーズンに先駆けて作家本人から買って下さい:D  雨天営業。

8/27 6-7pm  アーティストトークします。28年ニューヨークに住んで、移民、Artist、Teaching Artist、母親等の立場として生活経験話します。質問も、がっつり受けます。


9月のNYクィーンズ・アート・インターベンション2016(社会実践アートイベント)の参加アーティストに選ばれました。材料として、不要Tシャツを集めています! 綺麗に洗ってあれば、色、サイズ、長袖・半袖・袖無し, プリント有無、新・古、可。当日お持ちくださるとミニプレゼント有ります。

Selected as one of five artists for Queens Art Intervention 2016.

Please participate by donating unwanted T-shirts this Sunday!

QAI16 is Social Practice Art Event in Queens that will take place on two Saturdays, September 10 & 17.

This Sunday, 7th, accepting donation of clean washed unwanted, used/new t-shirts at Astoria Kaufman Studios, 34-12 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11106, during all day event of Queens Book Festival. T-shirts could be any color, size, with/without print, long/short/no-sleeves.  Bring to Table#28, my GumHearts Store. Or just come to see me for your day off :D  11-6pm. Free admission.  

9月のクィーンズ・アート・インターベンション2016(社会実践アートイベント)の参加アーティストに選ばれました。材料として、不要Tシャツを集めています! 綺麗に洗ってあれば、色、サイズ、多少の汚れ落書き、長袖・半袖・袖無し, プリント有無、新・古、なんでもok。

今週日曜、7日、Queens Book Festival会場、Astoria Kaufman Studios, 34-12 36th Street, Astoriaに、 GumHearts屋出店していますので、Tシャツ持って散歩がてら世間話がてら寄ってください。 


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GumHearts Store in Astoria this Sunday!

GumHearts Store will participate in Queens Book Festival Sunday, August 7th at Kaufman Astoria Studios, 34-12 36th StreetAstoria, NY 11106  
Come to see me, and purchase your favorite GumHearts Tattoo Stickers, Greeting Cards. 11-6pm. Free Admission. Thanks!

 今週日曜日、ガムハート屋が出ます。クィーンズブックフェスティバル参加です。クィーンズ、アストリアのKaufman Astoria Studios, 34-12 36th St. Astoria NY 11106   ガムハートタトゥーシール、カード等、出店します。 11-6pm  入場無料。 散歩がてらどうぞ:D