What I have done when I was diagnosed.

I did not want to hold this reality in my mind and texted to some of my good friends as “unexpectedly, I was diagnosed Lung cancer stage 4, what should I do? Any advice? “ immediately and calmly they have responded to me with helpful information such as tel# I may want to call, name of the hospital I may want I research, questions I should I ask etc. It was a very right action. It helped me to meet my current oncologist. Also, my friends offered me a lot of help in different ways. Thank you all! It started with having a friend to meet the first oncologist. She asked me “I can come with you, if you like”. I never thought taking someone to meet dr. That was such a great idea so we can ask more questions and can well brainstorm later. Especially, English is my second language! Anyway, sharing what was going on immediately was right action at least to me. Thank you my friends!!!! You are saving me!



みんな、マジさんきゅ! まだしばらく生きられそう