Pulmonary appointment #2

Very first time in the my lung cancer project, we saw enlarged ct-scanned my lung images and he talked about them friendly and clearly. The biggest cancer tumor, was about an inch, on my right bottom and back of my lung and some smaller ones around my color bone and throat. And hundreds of small little white dots all over the both lungs, look like stars in the sky in Ohio. He said that my lung cancer looks very unusual. (Actually my very first pulmonary doctor in my neighborhood hospital diagnosed me as not cancer after a week hospitalization in earlier May. He said it did not look cancer to him. Hello?! ) There was a small darkest part and that was how healthy lung should look like.

Tagrisso could kill all cancer cells just when it stops working hidden small cancers usually come back. “IF” tagrisso works years on me, I could have a good chance to live longer, so that the way to cure lung cancer could exist( just not yet) since I am still young and strong, have a lot of energy, all other organs look very healthy at this point. Hope that happens to me.:)

He said to me that eat whatever I can and keep the body weight so my body can fight inside of me. Though I lost appetite for side effect of tagrisso, I am feeding myself and not loosing weight last weeks. Good job myself :)

Went to eat meat balls at IKEA, Brooklyn.

Went to eat meat balls at IKEA, Brooklyn.

肺専門医に、息子と2人で会って来た。テレビドラマで見る癌宣告場面みたいな、大きな胸部ct scanイメージ見て、初めて説明された。3cm位の腫瘍が右下後ろに1つ。後、1cm位のが鎖骨上リンパ、喉周りに有る。後は両肺中に夜空のピカピカの星みたいに100以上の小さいのが散りばめられてる。平常の健康な肺はこんな風に黒く見えるんですって言われた黒い部分は、横にほんのちょっとだけ。ステージ4の5年後の生存率5%以下って言うのが有るんだけど、私はどうかと聞いてみた。この数字には一切の治療も施せず亡くなる人、体力の落ちた高齢者も多く含まれる。一方で、私は既にタグリッソと言う新薬が使えている、若く体力が有る、他の内臓は今の時点では健康で有るので、新薬で数年生きれれば、その間に根治方法が見つかるかる可能性が有り(まだ無いけど)、長く生きられる可能性は大きいと。えっと、可能性は有るって事で :) 現実を見ながらも前向きにいくよ。