Air is too dry in NYC

I have not feeling well for a month and noticed that this dry air is the problem.  Having hot OJ and apple cider seems helping . Hand-washed and hung the day’s cloth was not helping enough lately. I’d rather find alternative solutions than purchasing another machine, which requires later maintenance.  I love the idea my friend gave me, “Fill bathtub with hot water”  in social media.  Since my place is so long, the railroad style, and the bathroom is on one end, placed water on a can on the radiator for each room. Also cooking soup. Guess my favorite Hoshi-Imo, making process helps to give some humidity. Steam Asian sweet potato, peel, slice, then dry for days, this is where I am with patience. When seeing white dust around, natural sugar or starch?, ready to eat. 

Please keep warm, eat well, and wet enough to keep yourself healthy.