The Red Polkas

I have created the Red Polka Dots as a symbol of support for the victims of the Massive Earth Quake, Tsunami, and Nuclear incidents of March 2011 in Eastern Japan.  You may show your sympathy by wearing a Red Polka Dot everywhere you go, on your bag or wherever you like.  The Red Polkas are all hand-made and unique. 

You can also share your thoughts through an interactive installation "POKETTO".

NOW, you can pick your favorite RED POLKA at the Children's Museum of the Arts, 103 Charlton st, .  $3+ donation for each goes to The Donation Account for the Benefit of Children Orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake

赤いポルカ。今ならニューヨーク市West VillageのChildren's Museum of the Arts, 103 Charlton St, のギフトショップで好きなのを選べるよ。赤いポルカは手作りなので、一つずつ違うよ。1つ$3以上の寄付を頂き東日本大震災孤児支援寄附「東日本大震災みやぎこども育英募金」 に送ります。 赤いポルカは、私とNYの友人達の協力によって手作りされています。